Rent control and Councilman Doyle

Dear Editor:
I would like to clarify something for your Between the Lines columnist Al Sullivan. Here is a quote from his column that appeared in last week’s edition: “Critics of Doyle claim he is anti-development, while supporters claim he supports “reasonable” development, whatever that means.” A reporter who writes on politics in Hudson County does not know what “reasonable development” means? Well, may I be so bold as to explain it to you, Mr. Sullivan? Very simply, it is development that puts people before profit. If you need further enlightenment you could, of course, ask Mr. Doyle yourself what reasonable development means. After all, you are a “reporter,” whatever that means.
Speaking of putting people before profits, if Hoboken Public Question No. 2 is approved on November 6th it will mean the end of rent control protections for thousands and place these tenants in very vulnerable positions, giving landlords an incentive to push out their current tenants in order to raise the rents to whatever they feel they can get. Hoboken will become a community only the most upper of the upper middle class can afford to live in. Yes, landlords should expect to receive a reasonable return on their investment – and they do, which is why I suspect there are currently few, if any, apartment buildings for sale in Hoboken.
I urge my fellow residents to unite to defend Hoboken renters by voting no to Public Question 2 this Election Day. For more information please go to

Eileen Lynch

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