Good way to destroy the youth of this nation

Dear Editor:
It is so hard now a days to raise your children and give them a part of the American dream and hopefully give them a great education so they can be a productive member of society. Now the politicians in this great country are making it even harder to send your children to college and telling your children that if your parents can’t pay for your college bills then forget about going to college. Now they have passed a law that the students that have taken student loans can’t deduct the interest from their tax return, not even taking into account that most college graduates can’t even get a job.
So for example if you go to medical school and you need to take a student loan, which will cost over two hundred thousand dollars and with interest will be well over five hundred thousand dollars and you can’t deduct the interest how in God’s name are these people going to pay it back it will take them over thirty years. Then if we go to the doctor what do you think the doctor is going to charge you for your doctor’s visit and the cost of health insurance will also be increased, which another cost to all of us. My daughters went to college and they had to take college loans and now they have these bills for twenty or thirty years.
These politicians should be ashamed of themself’s for passing such a destructive bill. Yes of course they can afford to pay for college for we pay their high salaries so why should they care again for the middle class. It’s always the middle class that has to pay the bills in this country.

Leonard Lucente

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