BREAKING: Critic of Mayor Sacco arrested at chaotic North Bergen town meeting

NORTH BERGEN AND BEYOND – A former township employee who was among a vocal group of activists at North Bergen’s Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday night was removed from the meeting and arrested by police.
Meetings have been increasingly boisterous after the town’s Superintendent of Public Works, James Wiley, pleaded guilty last month to having town workers do personal chores at his house while being paid by the taxpayers – sometimes for overtime. Wiley has also said that the workers worked on political campaigns in other towns, while being paid.
Critics of Mayor Nicholas Sacco have come to recent meetings to criticize his administration, particularly as more subpoenas have been issued to Town Hall after Wiley’s plea. Sacco has said that the misdeeds were confined to Wiley’s department and that the department will be restructured.
At the last town meeting, Sacco ended the meeting early because critics kept clapping for each other when they spoke out, which he said made the meeting too disorderly.
Wednesday night, one critic kept speaking despite Sacco’s complaints, and would not leave the meeting. Several police officers surrounded her to escort her out.
Keep watching for a longer breaking news item to be posted shortly, with more specific details as well as quotes from the employee and the township.

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