Why my family supports Steven Fulop for mayor

Dear Editor:
Steven Fulop has never been a yes-man rubber stamp, so it is no secret that he does what he does without the political machine. He was elected Councilman both in 2005 and 2009 without their help. He didn’t need it as in ’09 he won with the highest vote total of all city council candidates throughout all six wards.
For those that don’t know him, his humble beginning comes as the son of a hard working deli owner. It is hard work that he learned as he persevered through NYU and Columbia University earning two Master’s Degrees.
Fulop possesses the grit and determination it takes to be a man of his word. In a courageous and selfless move, he left the security of being a respected employee with a solid early career to serve our country following 9/11. He often recounts that he was inspired after the unforgettable attack. Weren’t we all? Enlisting in the Marines he showed what it’s like to make difficult choices. Even getting through boot camp in the Marine Corp of the United States is a testament and statement about Steven. His service in Iraq proves his sacrifice and mental strength. As does the fact that he has a successful NYC Marathon and NYNJ Triathlon under his belt just the same. He is American as apple pie.
In the past seven years, Steven Fulop has blocked new taxes on residents and voted against unnecessary tax breaks for developers. He has used a common sense approach to responsible spending and city budget planning while fighting for reform and accountability in the local police and fire department. Fulop has taken giant steps making way for positive change in the Jersey City Public School system. He walks the walk when putting our school children first. His conscience serves his principles and he will never be bullied by bosses. That’s why the political pigs are jealous of him. Little minds have always been envious of those that are smart.
As he fought the fight against high salaries of political appointees that negatively impact tax payers and spending practices that are out of control, jealousy turned to fear. When he was victorious passing a resolution creating transparent tax abatement committee meetings, previously held secret, fear turned to fury. When the mayoral hopeful, favorite and frontrunner passed a resolution restricting contributions to Jersey City politicians from special interest groups, fury grew into all out panic. They are all wondering what will happen when an honest, practical , business oriented maverick takes the realm in city hall. If they’re scared, they should say they’re scared.
Steven M. Fulop is a councilman, a leader and an Iraq Veteran. More than that, he is an Independent which is why my entire family, friends and sensible neighbors who will not accept the continuation of failure feel Fulop is the best choice for Jersey City Mayor in 2013.

James Francis Waddleton
Lifelong Resident

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