New election is an opportunity

Dear Editor:
On September 6, 2012, the Honorable Judge Bariso vacated the Jersey City Republican Committee reorganization meeting that reinstalled Russell Maffei as Chairman because he failed to follow the law and properly advise duly elected committee members of the meeting. Not surprisingly, Maffei doesn’t deny that less than half of the committee members were present for the vote. This is typical of the way the Jersey City Republican Party has been run for years while Maffei and his counterparts have been in charge. As employees of the Democratic run City, their allegiance has always been more to maintaining the status quo than building the Republican Party. They have never concerned themselves with due process or real choice for voters and there is no reason to think they will start to do so now.
The new election is an opportunity for Republicans in Jersey City to reclaim control of the local party and build a municipal party structure that espouses Republican principles, supports Republican candidates and insures that the two party system truly exists in this city. Much has been made of the Ron Paul roots of many who are part of this new movement, but it should be clear that this movement is much broader than that and much more about local party control and the basic values of Republicans.
It is that basic premise that has led me to seek election as Chairman of the Jersey City Republican Committee. We have long been held hostage by individuals whose only real interest is in protecting their livelihood and furthering their positions with the city and county commissions like the NJ Meadowlands Commission. What we need are independent leaders who are not beholden to local Democratic politicians and who are willing and eager to express diverse opinions regarding the issues facing Jersey City and Hudson County. I am someone who will do just that. All 143 Committee Members can be assured that my goal is the growth and development of the Jersey City Republican Party. Many of us have been discouraged by the lack of any organizational effort beyond the reorganization meeting. We have done nothing to support local candidates or develop a real grass roots organization that could make a difference in a statewide or national election. We have been largely irrelevant to the State and National party organizations and with Russell Maffei at the helm, we will continue to be so.
I am challenging him for the position as Chairman of the Municipal Republican Committee because I know that I am committed to Republican principles, independent of the Democratic machine that controls so much of this city and County, and I will work to build the Republican party and attract new voters to our ranks based on the principles and values we hold dear. We will insure that Maffei holds a properly noticed meeting next time and I encourage all Jersey City Committee Members to come out and support me in my effort to lead the Republican Party.

J.David de León
Candidate for Chairman,
Jersey City Republican Committee

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