In response

Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to the recent article on the Fight for the City Committee. My name is Daniel A. Krause and I am a county committeeman from Ward E, District 16. I am also a party to the lawsuit against Chairman Muffei.
While I cannot speak for my fellow committee persons, I can speak to my own experience.
I was elected in a no-contest vote for my office. Russ Muffei and I were in direct cell phone communication several times before the vote and several times after the vote. My election was certified immediately, since I had no opposition. I received my certification card the following Thursday at my address, which was on record with the city clerk.
I never received any written, spoken, or otherwise communicated information as to the when, where or how of the reorganization meeting. I did, however, receive a letter several weeks before the primary asking me to vote for Mitt Romney. To date, that is the only written communication I have, to my recollection, received from Chairman Muffei.
I would also like to address Chairman Muffei’s assertion that no one has offered to help the Mitt Romney campaign in Jersey City. I have asked, repeatedly, for Chairman Muffei to let me know “Whatever I can do to help the Republican Party.” To this, I have received a deafening silence.
All we “Young Bloods” have asked for is a seat at the table to help the party, to bring activity to an otherwise still body politic. We have been met with resistance every step of the way.
It was never our intent to attack the chairman. We only ever seek to be part of the process. The chairman forced our hand, and we will not allow the voters of Jersey City to go without the representatives they elected.
Whatever the outcome of this coming reorganization meeting, we “Young Bloods” intend to stay the course and do our best to make the lives of New Jerseyans better.

Thank you.
Daniel A. Krause — Ward E, District 16 Committee Man.

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