Thank you for giving your time expertise and abilities

Dear Editor:
The second Saturday of October (October 15) the Jersey City Medical Center hosted a colostomy conference. Among the speakers were Carol Trojan from the Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation for Cancer Prevention (MLF), Dr. Richard A. Williams noted surgeon at Bayonne Medical Center (BMC) and two time past president of the Hudson County Medical Society plus Dr. Anaka Prakash director of the Endoscopy Department at BMC. Also in attendance were the representatives of the three major manufacturers of ostomy supplies.
Ms Trojan explained a number of the free programs for the uninsured at the MLF Foundation including the Breast and Colon Cancer Screenings. Dr. Prakash made clear why it was so important to have a colonoscopy at an early age and Dr. Williams clarified the different types of ostomies being performed plus he included some facts about colostomy appliances many people weren’t aware of.
In the background and unseen were Elaine Murphy and her staff who set up all those “goodies” at the breakfast table and Mark Rabson, Director of Public Affairs who was the actual ‘brains’ behind the entire conference.
I would like to thank all the above, publicly, for giving of their time expertise and abilities.

Larry Pilarski
Bayonne Ostomy Alliance
Ostomy Alliance of Jersey City

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