Thank you for support

To the Editor:
On Oct. 15, I gave another community outreach crusade in conjunction with Emmanuel Pentecostal Church near Kentucky Fried Chicken at the corner of M.L.K. Drive and Communipaw Avenue with the support of Bishop Robert Blount, Min. Bernard Williams and Min. Leni Soza. On that day they prayed individually for those that requested prayer. It was indeed a blessing to the community, myself and everyone that participated in the outreach, as we are doing what God has instructed us to do as his servants.
Thanks to: Min. Andre and Tammy Blount; Willie and Robin Reed; Barbra Williams; Tammy Henry; Cecelia Ragland; Laura Jones; Glennard Kelly; Dioniciast St. Louis; Gwendolyn McClamb; and Ethel Hall and Joe Shaw of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church.
Also thanks to: Lindsay Wilks; Joseph Campbell; Michael Wilson; Thelma Campbell of Monumental Church; Fashion, Art and Music; Hosiery and Things; Martin Laundromat; Fish Market of M.L.K. Drive; Manny’s Deli Groceries; Irma’s Restaurant of Communipaw Avenue; Independent Beauty Supply of Montecello Avenue; and a special thanks to James of Kentucky Fried Chicken on M.L.K. Drive.


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