Your vote is crucial

Dear Editor:
I have a message to all Democrats, and Independents in the 31st District. It is time for a real change. It is time for job creation, lower taxes, better school systems and fiscal responsibility. I hope you will join me on Tuesday November 8 supporting Michael Alonso for New Jersey State Assembly. The 31st District has been shuttered. Hundreds of homes are foreclosed, transportation issues, crime issues, education issues and employment issues. It is time to put a leader in Trenton who fight for the people not for their paycheck. It is time to stand up to the Hudson County Democratic Organization and tell them “no”. Why should you vote Column A? They never give you a clear answer. It’s also funny because its mostly the same people who always run or they are appointed. Your vote is crucial to the Alonso for NJ State Assembly Campaign in the 31st District. Michael Alonso is no rubber stamp .He will fight and vote for what is best not for him but for the residents of the 31st District. The current incumbents Assemblymen Charles Manior and Jason O’Donnell are out of touch with the issues in the community. I hope you will join me on Tuesday November 8 by voting for Michael Alonso for State Assembly- 2B.

Thanks, Demetrius Terry Chairman of NJ Hudson County Teenage Republicans

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