‘Gary La Pelusa Sr. lost the election!’

To the Editor:
I reluctantly offer the following observations. This letter is in response to a letter published on Oct. 19, submitted by Gary La Pelusa and several letters published in the last month sent in by various supporters of his. On the surface, Gary’s letter seems to be a reasonable version of what he said. However, he fails to mention the underlining reason for why Mr. Greaves and Mr. D’Amico might have in questioning his motivation for speaking about a matter involving ethics.
It is my experience in dealing with Gary that he resents any question about his honesty, but is only too happy of suggesting that others might not be following the rules. There was a time when I defendeded Gary from attack in this paper, testifying that he was good and decent and I was wrong!
I was once a card carrying member of the La Pelusa Association. There have been a lot of letters, mostly from association functionaries about how terrible the council is and how wonderful Gary is and how bad Mr. D’Amico is. What a bunch of self serving “hogswallow!” If Gary wants to know why Ray Greaves beat him, I can probably explain it to him without his having to admit anything. However, he really needs to understand that people were not satisfied with his explanation or story as it related to Tony and the check “thing.” I left the association before it was known about Gary and his scheme. My complaint was that I don’t like his type of underhanded, backstabbing politics. Otherwise, he is a nice guy. If you are speaking to Gary and somebody more important than you appears across the room, he will flat drop you in a second. If you are the first to leave a room and Gary and his crew remain, then you can rest assured that he will make fun of you or say something nasty about you. Always nice to your face! Friend or foe, you will find this is true.
I support Mark Smith, his administration, and the council. I don’t know if Mark Smith is a nice guy or not, but I do know that he is the right guy to lead this city. I like his brand of politics. People like Steve Gallo and Terry Ruane have been very fair with me and have patiently listened to me and my concerns.
Gary should stop pointing fingers at people and concentrate on a positive plan for the future. Stop accusing people of wrongdoing and maybe, over time, people will stop bringing up your failures. People don’t want to hear negative campaigning 365 days a year. Maybe there is hope for Gary in the future if he changes the way he does business.


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