Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition to host rent control debate in Hoboken on Friday

HOBOKEN – It’s been referred to as the third rail of politics in Hoboken, but this Friday evening at 7:30 p.m., a group of panelists will grab on tightly and discuss the issue of rent control, as a referendum on three recent changes to the law draws nearer.
The debate will be held on Oct. 28 at the Our Lady of Grace Church Hall on Willow Avenue at 5th Street, and is sponsored by the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition.
On Nov. 8, voters will have their say on three recent changes to the city’s rent control law.
Rent control applies to apartments built in Hoboken before 1987, and limits the amount that landlords can raise rents on an annual basis. In March, the council unanimously made three changes to tighten the city’s 1973 rent control ordinance. Tenant advocates then went out and gathered enough signatures to place the changes on the ballot.
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The two organizations will be represented respectively by Cheryl Fallick and Dan Tumpson for Hoboken Fair Share Housing, and Ron Simoncini and Joe Murray will represent the property owners, speaking on behalf of the Mile Square Taxpayers Association.
The event will be moderated by Ray Smith of The Hudson Reporter.
The public is encouraged to submit questions in advance of the event by e-mail to info@qlchoboken.org. A panel of Quality of Life board members will select the questions. No questions will be taken from the audience on the evening of the debate. Admission is free.

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