Styrofoam banning in Secaucus

Dear Editor:
Since my daughter could talk I’ve been educating her on the harmful effects that the use of Styrofoam has on our planet (a non biodegradable material), atmosphere (emits toxic chemicals when burned) and our bodies (harmful effects on the nervous system by ingesting the toxic chemicals that are emitted when hot food is placed in each Styrofoam container). By attending the town council meeting this past Tuesday, a personal dream was realized when, I learned that Mayor Michael Gonnelli and the town council have passed an impressive agenda to ban the use of Styrofoam here in Secaucus! Secaucus, evidently, will be the very first town in the state of New Jersey to begin this intelligent, brave and productive environmental act. Along with the growing usage of solar energy and continued initiatives for recycling, and now banning the use of Styrofoam, it seems that Secaucus New Jersey is leading the way in this State for conscious awareness of how we can better care for the environment where we live. I hope that we all can support this initiative by not buying the product from any store that uses this product, or at least ask for a non Styrofoam packaging. I am proud to be a Secaucus resident! Bravo and many thanks to Mayor Gonnelli and Secaucus Town Council!

With best wishes,
April Daly

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