Make the call

Dear Editor:
I received word that Coach USA is planning on terminating the No. 4 bus service in Jersey City from Greenville to Downtown starting early November. This is totally insane. First bus service from Garfield Avenue was taking away, now on Ocean Avenue. The No. 4 bus service is needed especially in Greenville. Many residents in the community rely on that bus line. The No. 4 bus goes to Newport Mall. Newport Mall is a huge shopping center for Jersey City. If we expect to boost the economy and want people to spend money, how can they if they have no way to get to the mall. Something must get done and it will get done. I will fight day in and day out with Coach USA to keep the #4 bus service. Many parents and kids bring their children on the bus in the morning. Now with less bus service, it makes it even harder especially when buses are already crowded. I will fight for what is best for Jersey City in particularly Greenville. But I can’t do this by myself you must call your elected officials a s well and demand they fight for the bus service to stay. Please call your elected officials and demand they do something about this. Greenville Councilman Michael Sottolano- (201) 547-5098 Westside Councilman David Donnelly- (201) 547-5092 Bergen/Lafayette Councillwoman Viola Richardson-(201) 547-5338 Downtown Councilman Steven Fulop- (201) 547-5315 Mayor Jerramiah Healy Office- (201) 547-5200 NJ Governor Chris Christie Office- (609) 292-6000 Coach USA- Red and Tan- (908) 354-3330 Future Council Candidate for Greenville: Demetrius Terry- (201) 780-1192 * Please call every person and demand something gets done!

Demetrius Terry Declared 2013 Ward A Greenville City Council Candidate

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