Wall Street protesters to begin weeklong demonstration at Journal Square

JERSEY CITY – Beginning Tuesday at 7 p.m., Jersey City activists who support the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest in New York planned to start a week-long demonstration in Journal Square. The demonstration is one of several offshoot protests that have popped up across the country in support of Occupy Wall Street, which began last month in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.
Since then, the protesters have developed a list of demands that seek to restructure corporate taxation policies and put an end to corporate influence in politics. Detractors have called the protesters’ demands “unfocused.”
But in recent weeks, the ongoing, 24-hour protests in New York have only grown and spawned satellite demonstrations in Washington, D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Last week, 50 to 100 protesters did a demonstration outside the Goldman Sachs Tower in Jersey City’s Exchange Place.
About 40 Jersey City activists who gathered in Grove Plaza Monday afternoon decided to continue their anti-Wall Street action by staging an ongoing protest at Journal Square, a highly-visible transit hub in Jersey City.
The activists said the Journal Square action will culminate Saturday, when protesters across the country plan to hold anti-Wall Street demonstrations from coast to coast. – E. Assata Wright

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