Not just today but every day

Dear Editor:
As we are observing the 10th anniversary of 9-11 I’d like to see it be a day of peace and a day of love. Considering this was the worst tragedy our country has endured as well as the rageful society we’ve become surely we can muster up just one day of pure peace and love.
I grew up in the 70’s – a time known for peace and love. Although this was a controversial with hippies, psychedelic drugs using, liberating in perhaps unacceptable manners, yet still it was a time we were united in peace and love.
With us going retro with fashion and home décor adding peace and love would be like adding the missing piece of the puzzle that we’ve allowed ourselves to be part of with all the rage we consume. We could start out one day and continue on to make an old trend become a new.
Call me an idealist, yet when you allow yourselves to see the energy wasted can be so much better remedied with peace on earth and love for our neighbors it makes more sense to surround ourselves with this type of aura.
I would also like to acknowledge the families of 9-11 victims along with our brave soldiers and their families with my deepest admiration for your fortitude and to wish all of you limitless amounts of peace, love, happiness, and praise.
As Ellen says at the end of each show be kind to one another may we make kindness and love a trend that will transcend.
With that in mind and hopefully something that will be heartfelt I wish each and everyone peace and love not just for today for everyday.
Let us triumph over tragedy and do justice to 9-11 with a desired goal to be kind to one another.

Rita Matyjewicz

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