Arrested man speaks

Resident posts $50K bail, shares his side of story

The man who was arrested last month for allegedly impersonating a police officer and pulling over drivers has revealed his side of the story, one that he says involves personal relationships with members of the Guttenberg Police Department.
Guttenberg police arrested Brian Dorador, 27, of North Bergen, on Aug. 14 after receiving calls that a man was allegedly pulling drivers over in a black Dodge Charger with tinted windows and a police light. According to the calls, the man was allegedly in possession of a New York City police uniform, a handgun, and a badge.

“I’m not a wacko.”– Brian Dorador
Guttenberg police stopped the vehicle on Kennedy Boulevard minutes before midnight. The driver allegedly identified himself as a New York City Police officer and showed a badge. He was immediately placed under arrest.
Police said that they checked with the NYPD and discovered that Dorador had previously been employed with the NYPD as an auxiliary police officer, a member of a police unit that does not carry a gun or the typical badge. Dorador is no longer employed with the NYPD.
“He was actually fired from them in March,” said Sgt. Juan Barrera of the Guttenberg police last month.
Police impounded Dorador’s black Dodge Charger, which Captain Joel Magenheimer likened to a “Batmobile.”
Dorador was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer, possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, and having a fraudulent police badge.

Personal relationships lead to conflict

Once he posted his $50,000 bail, Dorador reached out to The Hudson Reporter after having seen his arrest covered in last week’s “Police News.”
Dorador believes that his arrest was unjust and based on false information. He claims that he was incarcerated solely because of a personal conflict he has with an officer of the Guttenberg Police Department.
According to Dorador, his sister had previously been involved in a relationship with a detective.
“He has something against me and my family because my sister wants nothing to do with him anymore,” said Dorador, who claims that he was not fired from the NYPD, but instead chose to quit.
“I was good friends with him before he got involved with my sister,” added Dorador.
Dorador claimed that prior to his arrest on Sunday, Aug. 14, he had received a text message from a Guttenberg officer asking him to meet at the Lukoil at 68th street and Kennedy Boulevard West in order to have a chat. According to Dorador, the two were friends.
Dorador then said that the man quickly left after getting a call on his radio, one in which Dorador never heard. Dorador claims that upon leaving the Lukoil, he was pulled over by an unmarked Guttenberg Police car and placed under arrest.
“[The friend] pretty much turned his back on me without knowing the whole story,” said Dorador.
The Guttenberg Police Department declined to comment on Dorado’s remarks.
Dorador says he still has the text message.

Truthful evidence?

“They used an excuse that I was going around Guttenberg pulling people over,” said Dorador. “That’s not true and I’m ready to prove it.”
Dorador said that he currently resides in Queens, and only goes to North Bergen to visit his parents’ house. He is also currently applying to become a full-time police officer in another state.
Dorador had been charged with a weapons charge although one has never been found. Police had claimed that several officers have seen Dorador with a weapon in the past.
According to Dorador, there is a Halloween picture of him dressed as a police officer, complete with fake gun, on Facebook. Dorador says that this is where the evidence of his possession of a weapon stems from.
“I found it ironic that they charged me with a weapon just because of a picture,” said Dorador.
After searching the North Bergen residence, police found a badge that Dorador claims was a duplicate that was given to him by his father as a gift for graduating NYPD academy.
“They did not find police lights, [or] any sirens,” added Dorador. “My car is completely stocked from factory.”
Dorador said the only changes he made to his vehicle were tinting the windows.
“I’m not a wacko,” said Dorador, who added that he hopes his charges will be dropped due to a lack of evidence. “I know better. I’m 27 years old. I’m not a kid.”
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