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Case involving Hoboken Parking Director and city employee dismissed by judge, source says

HOBOKEN AND BEYOND – The court case between a municipal worker and Hoboken Parking Director Ian Sacs was dismissed by a Weehawken judge earlier this week, Sacs confirmed on Wednesday.
In March, a municipal employee and Sacs filed claims and counterclaims after an alleged high-profile incident in City Hall that led to the two being arrested by Hoboken police.
Sacs had come across a city bus that was parked but running with the keys still in it, according to a police report. He then drove the empty bus to the municipal garage. At City Hall, an altercation ensued between Sacs and the driver of the bus in which Sacs alleged that he was assaulted by the man, according to a report.
The driver’s personal keys were also on the key ring, which led to the municipal employee to file charges of harassment and theft.
After the incident, Sacs said he did not wish to file a complaint with police, but he learned that the municipal employee decided to file charges. The two were subsequently arrested.
The case became a political talking point at the time, as the incident occurred just a month and a half before a heated council election. Supporters of Mayor Dawn Zimmer took Sacs’ side, while opponents took the side of the bus driver.
The case was transferred to Weehawken because it involved two city employees.
Court officials in Weehawken and Hoboken did not comment when asked about the case on Thursday. — Ray Smith

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