Hudson County mayors need to help vets

Dear Editor:
After the Second World War a small complex of affordable apartment were built in Union City, N.J. for our returning hero’s. They are called Veterans Housing.
How many of our soldiers, who have given up so much for us are returning from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc without a place they can call home, due to the financial burdens of the poor job market and the unaffordable rents.
Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture on the part of the Mayors: Brian Stack of Union City, Richard Turner of Weehawken, Jerrimiah Healy of Jersey City, Felix Roque of West New York, Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken, Nicholas Sacco of North Bergen and all the other mayors in our state to set an example and consider making it their priority to give these returning vets first choice of all the affordable apartments when the current residents move out.
With all the new building being constructed, surely some of these apartments could be set aside as housing for these very deserving men and woman.
There are also many programs that could be revisited and changes made that include giving preference to all these young men and woman in our armed forces.
It seems to me and I’m confident to many other Americans that this would be one way we could show our gratitude to them for the enormous sacrifices they have made, and give back in some small measure for all that they have given to protect the freedom and safety of all the citizens of our country.

Thank you,
Dorothy Jetter

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