Watch the Hoboken Wards 1 & 2 council debates HERE! Leave comments…

HOBOKEN – Last week, The Hudson Reporter hosted an election forum for Hoboken, attended by almost all of the candidates for the six ward council seats up for election on May 10.
The Hoboken City Council has nine members, three of whom are at-large and represent the whole town, and six who represent wards. Only the ward seats are up for election this year. (The at-large seats are up at the time of the next mayoral election in 2013.)
The first debate involved candidates from Wards 1 & 2, on the southern and northern waterfront respectively.
The candidates were asked some serious questions and one wildcard one to see how they think on their feet. One 1st Ward candidate did not appreciate the wildcard question. Watch the debates and find out why!
The main questions included taxes, corruption, parking, and rent control changes. Wildcard questions included “What song would represent your campaign,” “What’s a serious personal challenge you have faced?” and “Where would you bring out-of-town guests first if they visited Hoboken?”
All of the debates will be posted on the right-hand side of this page shortly. To view the first set, click HERE.

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