Tim did nothing about it

Dear Editor:
Last Sunday, you published a letter from Tim Occhipinti describing his efforts in the streets to make the Fourth Ward a better place.
He talked about a visit to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and the need to keep the storm drains clean.
The storm drain at the northeast corner of Monroe Street and Observer Highway has been flooding all winter, making it impossible to cross the street at the corner during a rainstorm. This particular site is across the street from the building in which Mr. Occhipinti lives and where his campaign office is located. He could not have missed the flooding and obviously did nothing about it.
On March 23, I contacted Jenny Maier, Director of Environmental Services and asked that the problem be addressed. She sent my message to Philip Reeve at North Hudson Sewerage who corrected the problem the following day.
Tim tells us what a great job he is doing—I disagree. He obviously ignored our flooding problem while playing with his telephone.

Alan H. Cohen

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