Reckless doggy day care transport

Dear Editor:
Many Hobokenites use either an established brick/mortar pet service or a private person to provide daily dog walks to day care type services for their pets when at work. However, I think pet-parents need to really know what is going on here in Hoboken with some of these businesses… not a form of “nanny cam,” but I do have photos. As a pet parent myself, I am horrified seeing such a disregard for the safety of these dogs. Three pet businesses that I’ve witnessed recently are not securing the dogs in their care in moving vehicles. They should be using either a harnesses device (we use one per dog in our car which buckle into the seat belt) or in proper animal cages or crates in the back of the service vans.
Of the three businesses putting dogs at risk, I’ve spotted two established pet care companies and a private out of town female dog walker that pile in many large dogs and then transport them to the dog run at Elysian park. This is unsafe and puts our dogs at grave risk (no pun intended); would you want your children transported in this unsafe manner?
Pet parents need to take action. I think Hoboken City Hall, perhaps Ian Sacs’ office or the business office needs to step in to regulate, in force and bring action upon lackadaisical workers/businesses endangering our residents and pet-kids.
Pet parents be warned. You should be outraged.

Concerned Hoboken Pet Owner

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