The Cake Boss worked hard for success

Dear Editor:
In Saturday’s Hoboken Reporter there was a letter addressing the lines, people looking for parking spaces, etc. because of the fans of Carlo’s Bakery. Agreed, it must be annoying for some people. However, I for one am happy for the Valastro family. They have given me so many wonderful memories of growing up in Hoboken. It was a ritual; going to Carlo’s for our holiday pastries, cookies etc.
When the bakery was on Adams Street, my Dad and I would always stop by to see Mary and Buddy. They always had a smile for us and they were always covered in flour! I asked my Dad why. He said it was because they were working making all the great cakes, pastries, cookies etc. most of the time while I was sleeping. He told me they worked 14 hour days or longer (even though they had children). I wondered how they did it; why did they have to work so hard? They did not have to, they did it because they loved it. They also loved making people happy.
Buddy Jr. and his sisters also worked long, hard hours for many years – while some of us were out riding bikes, playing stickball – those kids were working. I think it is great that all of their hard work has paid off. Fame does not last forever; Please let this family enjoy the fruits of their labor; they have earned it.

Mona Messina Pellecchia
(The Plumber’s Daughter

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