State law will encourage car-sharing programs like in Hoboken

HOBOKEN AND BEYOND — The Associated Press reported this weekend that state legislators are considering a law to exempt car-sharing programs from a $5 surcharge on car rentals that was adopted in 2002.
“Proponents say doing this would help boost the popularity of car-sharing programs, which in turn would reduce pollution, cut congestion on roadways and ease chronic parking problems in crowded communities,” according to the story. “Car-sharing organizations allow members to schedule time to use vehicles from a fleet on an hourly basis. As an example, program proponents cite Corner Cars, a public-private partnership based in Hoboken that was started last June … city officials estimate that it’s helped remove about 750 cars from Hoboken’s crowded streets.”
Hoboken-based Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is sponsoring the bill along with Assemblyman Ralph Caputo from Belleville.

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