Settlement reached in Vega sexual harassment suit

WEST NEW YORK AND BEYOND — The anticipated trial for the sexual harassment lawsuit lodged against West New York Mayor Sal Vega was swept off the table yesterday after the town’s former chief financial officer reached a settlement with the town, according to city spokesperson Michael Makarski.
Vega is up for re-election in May.
The town’s insurance carrier will pay money to Darren Maloney, the former CFO, but exact details of the settlement have not been disclosed. Before this week, Vega’s side had sought to dismiss the suit.
Maloney served as CFO from 2001 until 2008, when he was suspended with pay by the Board of Commissioners.
After the law suit was filed, the town petitioned the state on Nov. 26, 2008 to seek immediate suspension without pay and revocation of Maloney’s CFO certificate on the basis that he allegedly made unauthorized payments to a contractor and allegedly failed to keep adequate records.
After his suspension, Maloney alleged that he was suspended because he rebuffed sexual advances by Vega.

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