Vote Perez for Hudson County Sheriff

Dear Editor:
On Nov. 2, we will be going to the polls to elect several officials. In Hudson County, most people have always voted a straight column. This time everyone should consider “Choosing one from Column A.” Juan Perez, the incumbent sheriff, is an outstanding individual who has served the people of Hudson County well. We have known Juan over 25 years and know first-hand that he is a man of principles and integrity. During those years, he served as a New Jersey state trooper with honor and dignity. As a trooper, he experienced all types of law-enforcement situations, growing in knowledge and ability.
He was elected to Sheriff because of his résumé not cronyism. He has done a fine job as Sheriff, and deserves to be re-elected. We are especially proud of his work with senior citizens by providing them with needed identification cards. Also, many seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s have been helped by the bracelets issued by the Sheriff’s Office that locate the seniors within minutes if they become lost.
Please think about what is right and don’t let habits of voting for the organization’s ticket get in the way of having a great sheriff. Vote for Juan Perez A-3 for Sheriff on Nov. 2. and show that we in Hudson County can think as voters and vote for the best candidate regardless of parties or labels.

Larry and Joan Eccleston

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