‘Stand up and be counted!’

To the Editor:
The upcoming Congressional election on November 2 is going to decide the future path our nation will take. Will we choose to continue on the current path of increased spending, debt, and high taxes which has led to high unemployment, business closings and frustration? Or will we choose reform, lower taxes, and incentives for small businesses so that we can get people back to work and get our economy up and running again?
Against the will of the people, the current Congress has passed an unprecedented, unconstitutional health care bill which forces people to buy something they may not need or want. We are already feeling the consequences with sharp increases in insurance rates, which have caused many businesses to freeze hiring or even cut staff. Left in power, the current Congress will continue for force unwanted legislation upon the people of this nation. We must stop them. Now is the time to stand up and send a message to Washington, D.C., that we will not allow this to continue on our watch!
There are many problems facing our nation right now – war, terrorism, drugs, illegal immigration, education – and all of these must be dealt with by people who have the courage to take a stand and do what is right, not by a Congress who appears unwilling to act. This alone gives comfort to those who do not have our best interests in mind. But without a strong economy providing jobs for our people, it will be that much tougher dealing with all of these other problems that we now face. Stand up and be counted, vote the current Congress out of office and let’s get on with the business of running a strong, vibrant nation, the great United States of America!
I am asking the people of the 13th Congressional District of New Jersey to stand up with me and to support me in sending this message to Washington, D.C.

Independent candidate for the 13th Congressional District of New Jersey

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