Vote Wintner to start the breakup of ‘Team Healy’

Dear Editor:
Change, you can see, starts in Ward B. Vote 10E Esther Wintner on Nov. 2. Residents of Jersey City, starting with Ward B, we have an opportunity to start of breaking up Team Healy gang by voting out David Donnelly, who has been associated with and worked for Mayor Healy for numerous years. He was appointed to the position last October after another Team Healy member former councilman, Phil Kenny, stepped down following his guilty plea in federal court for accepting bribes from government informant Solomon Dwek. David Donnelly should be voted out on his track record alone. In one year as the appointed councilman, he has voted “yes” to bond $84 million dollars – in essence raising the Jersey City residents’ taxes. We must put a stop to this out-of-control spending.
We can start by the residents of Ward B coming out and voting for Esther Wintner. Unlike David, she will not be controlled by Team Healy and told how to vote. Esther will vote down any more tax increases that the Healy Team wants to impose on the Jersey City residents, along with voting down any more spending Jersey City cannot afford. Esther will work with the City Council to ensure a realistic budget is created and created on time. She will be visible to the residents in Ward B, and not just during election time. It is time to vote for a person outside of the Healy machine to start moving Jersey City in right direction. Vote Esther Wintner 10E councilperson in Ward B on Nov. 2!

John Lynch

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