Lenz receives seniors’ support from neglected 4th Ward

Dear Editor:
I have lived in Hoboken all my life and remember when the 4th Ward was a place residents avoided and was always placed last on the priority list by City Hall. Hoboken has a history of great political campaigns, parties, and senior citizen events, but only at election time. The next day they would disappear, only to appear for the next election!
I am tired of the same old politicians trying to control the lives of regular people like you and me for their own gain.
We have waited years for politicians to address everyday needs that other parts of town enjoy as commonplace: benches in our parks for us to sit on, safe pedestrian crossings in front of 400 1st street, an improved senior Hop shuttle, 38 percent more cops deployed to the streets, and a council majority that WORKS AS A TEAM with the Mayor! Mike Lenz has addressed all of those things in just a few short months.
Mike is always there for us, he never makes promises he can’t keep, and yes, he speaks his mind. He speaks his mind for all residents, the young and the seniors.
Please join me and my fellow seniors in voting for Mike Lenz – a mature, experienced candidate who has made the 4th Ward his home and is working for us.

Marie Bozzone

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