Hoboken is urbanism at its best

Dear Editor:
I was very pleased to read about the recognition Hoboken received from the American Planning Association (APA) for the high-quality urbanism we have on Washington Street. We know it, and now everyone else knows it, too. Walking along a vibrant street like our own Washington
Street is one of the great joys of living in a great urban area like Hoboken. The wide sidewalks and the charm of its well-preserved architectural character and streetscape have made it one of the 10 best Main Streets in America. Many judge Hoboken’s significance by its location on the Hudson River and its access to Manhattan, but Hoboken’s greatness is much more than that. It has much to do with the way we grow and maintain our physical city, as the APA has now recognized. This is a place where people want to be.
Congratulations to all who have worked to make it so special, including past and present Planning and Zoning Board members, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Building Department, the Community Development and Environmental Services Departments, mayors, City Council members, building owners, shopkeepers, and professional consultants, too. But clearly a very special congratulations must go to Terry Castellano and Lenny Luizzi whose tireless volunteer work with the Hoboken Preservation Commission for many, many years has ensured that the historic character of Washington Street be restored and preserved to the greatest extent possible for all of us to enjoy.
Hooray for Hoboken!

Dean Marchetto, AIA, PP

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