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The present is all we really have

Dear Editor:
The present moment is the one period of time that is neglected by practically every phase of society.
In the political area, most attention is focused on the next election be it national or local. As a consequence, the essential issues presently requiring serious regard are overlooked with the intention of future victory by the opposition.
The field of entertainment falls victim also to the subordination of the present whenever a stage play has the good fortune to enjoy an extended run, for it is then that the audience begins to make plans to attend the first available performance. Unfortunately, the patron wishes for the time to hasten over the next few months when he or she will sit in that seat and be supremely satisfied. However, little do they realize that in wanting months to pass quickly that they are actually wishing their lives to pass quickly.
‘Wait till next year’ is a term used by most sports fans when the team of their choice fails to win during the current year. It is a disturbing expression, for it relegates the present year to oblivion while the fan continues to chart a design of hope for success in the coming year or years to the detriment of the present.
Even in the course of a normal day in any area of activity, a person may, consciously or unconsciously, be thinking of a television show to be viewed that evening or possibly the anticipation of a favorite meal later in the day.
Of course, future plans and alternatives must be considered but not at the cost of the present, which is all that any of us really have.

Howard Lawson

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