Former NJIT police officer charged with assault firearm possession

HOBOKEN — A former New Jersey Institute of Technology police officer has been charged with possession of an assault firearm, and possession of a large capacity ammunition magazine, according to a police report released on Monday.
Matthew Casazza, 32, of Hoboken, was previously arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose on Aug. 29, after he allegedly was seen firing one shot from a handgun out of the sun roof of his vehicle while driving on the 500 block of Jackson Street.
The round did not injure anyone, according to police reports, but it is unknown where the round terminated. As a result of the Aug. 29 arrest, a Hudson County Superior Court Judge ordered a psychological evaluation, and also ordered confiscation of all firearms recovered from the residence of Casazza, according to a police report.
On Sunday, detectives from the Hoboken Police Department recovered a cache of rifles, shotguns, ammunition, handguns and an SAR 1/AK 47 assault firearm, dummy hand grenades and four large capacity assault firearm magazines, according to police. All of the weapons, with the exception of the SAR 1/AK 47-assault firearm and the large capacity assault firearm magazines, were determined to be purchased and owned legally, according to police.
Casazza’s permit to carry a handgun for a retired law enforcement officer was also confiscated, according to a police report.
According to Detective Lieutenant Mark Competello, Detective Bureau Commander, “All of Mr. Casazza’s firearms were legally purchased, however, under N.J. law it is a second degree crime to either possess or purchase an assault firearm, in this instance an SAR 1/AK 47 assault firearm as well as large-capacity magazines, equipped to hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.”
“This is yet another example of the dedication and professionalism that the members of my department display on a daily basis,” said Police Chief Anthony Falco. “There is absolutely no purpose either for recreation or otherwise for any person to own a dangerous assault weapon anywhere, especially in the city of Hoboken. I am just elated that this weapon was confiscated, and this most definitely makes the city a safer place.”

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