Stack supports preserving Blue Chapel’s landmark status

Dear Editor:
I am writing to respond to a letter that was published in the Sept. 5 edition of the Union City Reporter, entitled “Praying for landmark status for the Blue Chapel” by Tony Squire. Please allow me to state for the record that the Commissioners and I fully support both the preservation of and historic landmark designation of the Blue Chapel. Our administration will dedicate necessary resources to see that this property is never changed by developers who are seeking large profits.
In responding to Mr. Squire’s comments, please know that he is reckless and grossly misinformed of the facts. This is the same Mr. Squire who would call to thank me for assistance with various problems to which I would always respond quickly and often with positive results. Never has there ever been a phone call that has not been returned.
Let me remind Mr. Squire that it was the current administration that started the Local Historic Committee to which Mr. Squire was appointed, only to have him remain contentious over the direction of every meeting, finally leading to its dissolution.
As for the reference to past administrations that have done more or would have done more to preserve historic buildings, Mr. Squire clearly is being comical – What was done to preserve City Hall when it was being renovated by a past administration? What was done to secure funds over the years to preserve the old Roosevelt Stadium? Was the paint that was chipped and ugly properly maintained?
What other administration in the past fifty years secured funds to develop a Master Plan? Or appointed every willing applicant of the community to be a member of the Master Plan Committee, just as is now occurring with the Zoning Advisory Committee?
It’s ironic that the so-called “concerned citizens” are always griping and complaining, instead of offering solutions or constructive input.
Regarding the Blue Chapel, it is the opinion of the Commissioners and me to see it remain a sacred symbol. We will never support razing the building or removing the church or the cemetery.
The residents of our city are too smart to listen to rhetoric – they’ve heard it before. Fortunately, our residents also know that we don’t make empty promises.

Brian P. Stack

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