Hoboken police are worth the extra tax

Dear Editor:
Wow, I love The Hoboken Reporter. Each week, I wait to see what goodies there are in this paper. It is better than the funny papers used to be. First, I have a firm belief that one of the things that makes Hoboken desirable are the police. We can have the Cake Boss and chaos from ignored stop signs (because people think the narrow streets are the Indy 500), because we have good-natured officers that know the idiosyncrasies of Hoboken. Yes, to Rhonda Parker. My family has also received their share of “Hoboken’s extra tax,” in tickets. We have been lucky for a long time, perhaps, because we discovered we could walk that extra block, or take the time to read the street cleaning sign. Personally, I inched out from a corner by Church Square with fear. There was no way I could have seen an adult, let alone a child. Sorry, but the corners need to cleared for school. Don’t we love it, though. We are releasing police officers to save money, and yet Rhonda thinks we should get rid of more, because they are one of our major income producers. IS IT ME?

Bonnie Toadvyn

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