NB man allegedly beats tenant into a coma

Also Gutt police observe 23 men enter alleged prostitution house

North Bergen

Police claim man allegedly beat tenant

North Bergen Police arrested Patrick Ferraro, 46, last week and charged him with beating a man who they said lived in his basement.
On July 6 at 11 p.m., police responded to the 1400 block of 44th Street, where they found a “trail of blood” leading to the 46-year-old tenant, who was bleeding from his face and head, said Detective Bureau Commander Lt. Frank Cannella.
Soon after police arrived, Ferraro came home. Ferraro allegedly told the officers he had gone into the basement “to see the mess the victim had in his apartment,” said Cannella.
Cannella said an alleged altercation occurred. Police believe Ferraro allegedly struck the victim about the head and body with his hands and feet. Ferraro allegedly admitted to being at the location and “getting physical” with the victim, but disagreed on how the fight occurred, said Cannella.
The victim was transported to Jersey City Medical Center then to University Hospital in Newark, where he remains in extremely critical condition in a coma, said Cannella.
Police said Ferraro represented himself as the landlord of the property, and the victim as his tenant. However, Cannella said Ferraro’s father came to headquarters after the incident saying he was the landlord of the property, not his son.
According to published reports, Pat Ferraro, 75, claims he was on vacation during the alleged incident between his son and his “best friend.” The father also said the younger Ferraro has been suffering from a brain tumor.
Ferraro was charged with aggravated assault and endangering an injured victim. His bail was set at $200,000 and he was sent to Hudson County jail.

Police seek robbery suspects

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Alfredo Seeley, 33, of Weehawken, and two other males, for an alleged armed robbery.
According to Cannella, on July 9 at 1:50 p.m., a female Grand Avenue resident called police and told them that three unknown males entered her apartment. Police believe the alleged robbers may have had a key to the apartment.


“They tied the victim with charger wire and ransacked the apartment.” – Frank Cannella

The men allegedly demanded to know where “the money” was and one male, who wore a stocking over his head, allegedly carried what appeared to be a handgun.
“They [allegedly] tied the victim with charger wire and ransacked the apartment,” said Cannella, “discovered approximately $1,000 in cash, and fled with that.”
The victim told police Seeley allegedly carried the weapon.
“Seeley is aware that he is wanted because he called the police station,” said Cannella.
Cannella said that police have a “treasure trove of evidence” and have leads on the other two suspects.
Anyone with more information should call the North Bergen Detective Bureau at (201) 392-2092.


Police end month long prostitution sting with arrests

On July 6, Guttenberg Police arrested four individuals alleged to be a part of a large prostitution ring operating in Hudson County.
Jose Rodriguez, 33, of Jersey City; Alberto Cuesta, 43, of Guttenberg; and Karina Galicia, 23, and Valeria Hernandez, 43, both of Queens, N.Y. were all charged with prostitution and maintaining a nuisance.
According to Capt. Joel Magenheimer, on June 11 police were informed of an illegal prostitution operation located at a Bergenline Avenue address. According to the information, business cards with the logo “Herbalife” and “Productos Omnilife” with phone numbers on them were being distributed as calling cards for the prostitution operation.
Police were told that several men would bring clients to the house and work as lookouts while the women inside allegedly engaged in prostitution. They also were told the person who allegedly ran this location was also allegedly in charge of two other locations.
Police set up surveillance on June 18. They said they saw 23 different men enter and leave the house within a short period of time. Shortly afterward, they witnessed women leaving the house.
“It is well organized and they just keep changing locations,” said Magenheimer. “It’s something that basically in my opinion [needs] to be looked at like gang activity.”
Guttenberg Police, with the help of Jersey City Police and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, raided the operation on July 6.
An undercover police officer gave one of the men allegedly involved $60 and allegedly was offered sex in exchange. Police tried to enter the building, but had to open the door by force when no one responded. An alleged lookout tried to flee the scene, and another man, believed to have had the proceeds from the operation, allegedly fled by jumping onto the roof and evaded capture by police, said Magenheimer.
All four suspects were given $10,000 bail with no 10 percent option by Judge Frank Leanza.

Allegedly tried to get police to shoot him

According to Magenheimer, Ruben Torres, 48, of North Bergen, was arrested after he entered Guttenberg Police Headquarters and allegedly threatened the officer on duty.
“He [allegedly] said to the officer behind the desk ‘Are you going to shoot me, or am I going to shoot you,’” said Magenheimer, who said that Torres allegedly reached into the back of his pants, seemingly for a gun.
“I told him I would take him to the hospital,” said Sgt. Charles Hughes. “He then backed up into the corner of the front entrance and told me, ‘I have a gun.’ [He allegedly said] If I didn’t shoot him, he would shoot me.”
Hughes notified Investigator Ralph Martinez, who ran around the building and was able to subdue Torres, who had no weapons on his person.
Torres allegedly told police that he wanted to die. He was charged with making terroristic threats.
“Our cops did a great job,” said Magenheimer.
Torres was released to his father, who said he would get him treatment.
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