In full support for Mayor Stack

Dear Editor:
If I may I would like to publicly state that showing concern for the safety of our entire community by Mayor and State Senator Brian P. Stack is greatly appreciated by the entire Community.
I’m in total agreement with Mayor Brian P. Stack for his efforts in trying to shut down Studio 45 Nite Club and other night clubs that are causing major problems and are not safe to the neighborhoods.
On this past Memorial Day, we were informed by this newspaper that there was a resident stabbed to death and this act took place after the night club was supposed to be closed. As all of you are aware Mayor Stack passed an ordinance that all taverns and night clubs must close business by 2 a.m. Since Mayor Stack became the Mayor of this town he has been consistent and demanding that this ordinance be enforced. It is extremely important for all taverns and night club to comply with this ordinance because if nor our Community will attract the wrong crowd from other nearby Communities.
The Union City police Department should be commended for their dedication in trying to keep our streets safe 24 hours 24/7. As a progressive Community we need to stay on the same page with Senator Brian P. Stack and give him full support of his determination and that is stop negative activities that if we are not strict the individuals with bad intentions will control our hard working Community.
In closing, by now we all know that the number one preoccupation of Mayor Stack is to protect everyone of getting hurt by those that like to be involved in wrongdoing.

With respect,
Connie Cordero

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