Greed has ruined this town

Dear Editor:
Sadie Leinkauf School sold! (the Citadel) now condos! Daniel L. Kealy School sold! (Fifth and Adams) now condos! Eleventh and Bloomfield sold (school and daycare) Sold, now condos!
Catholic Schools merging to save themselves. Churches have not been left out of the condo makers…. Hudson Street Synagogue sold and now condos!
Hudson Street Church sold and now condos, Stained glass windows still show that ignorance!
There was talk of the High School being sold, and that died down as there was no place to put another one! Just like the garage you people sold! And do NOT blame the last administration, you people put up more condos!
Many new residents are here now with babies and toddlers! Count the baby carriages and toddlers out in the daytime! They all will need schooling for their children! Stop selling off schools and repair the ones we have, before they are ALL gone!
Greed has ruined this town, our churches and houses of worship and our education for our children!

Margaret O’Brien

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