Fulop wants to let struggling residents pay taxes in increments

JERSEY CITY – Jersey City Councilman Steven Fulop told the Jersey City Reporter this weekend that he has a plan to help city residents struggling to pay their property taxes in tough economic times.
Fulop said he will introduce an ordinance at the next City Council meeting on Jan. 13 to implement a tax payment plan allowing homeowners to pay back the city over a three-year period, if they show proof that they will have difficulties paying their taxes. He said allowing residents to have time to pay their taxes would help them avoid tax liens and foreclosure.
The plan also has other steps such as:
– Allow homeowners on unemployment or other financial difficulties to qualify
– Ensure the city can only collect interest on the delinquent payment rather than the entire tax bill
– Establish a council-created subcommittee to review resident applications with a recommendation from the tax collector
“You start the tax lien process, and people start to lose their home; it affects the whole neighborhood around them,” Fulop said.
Fulop said his plan came about as a result of residents contacting his office and asking for help on their tax bills. He also points out that the city has already raised taxes over 11 percent so far in the current fiscal year, which ends on June 30, and could raise taxes even higher in a “difficult” budget year. The city’s budget has not been introduced and is six months late.-RK

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