Team Wright’s Martial Arts ranks No. 1 and heads to Jamaica, again.

The U.S. National Martial Arts Team “Alliance” based out of Centerville, Ind., has ranked Team Wright number one in the state out of alliance members.
There are so many old and new champions between 2005 and 2009 on a monthly basis that Team Wright can only bring “Best of their Best” to the World International Freedom Games in Trelawney, Jamaica held in January 2010.
Top rated athletes/champions who qualified include the Wrights, O’Brien, Shaws, Jacksons, Wilsons, Friends and the Doria family to name a few. All Students who qualified compete against open styles like Kung-Fu, Taekwondo, Karate-Do, Ju-Jutsu and martial arts competition in open and invitational championships and karate tournaments across the globe.
NJ Team Wright’s UWA Martial Arts athletes are heading back for the gold because over four years ago, 2005, Grand Master Dr. Wright Sr., Austin Wright Jr. and Priscilla Wright won the most gold medals for 1st places for the US National Team under Dr. Jim Thomas, head coach.
Despite the fierce competition that all martial arts bring, Team Wright continues to evolve and keep authentic traditions alive with mixed martial arts as the new exciting cutting edge. U.S. National Team member will compete in musical forms, sparring, weapons, self-defense, continuous sparring, forms and breaking.
Team Wright will be seeking donations from friends, family and corporate sponsors to help pay for kids to compete internationally who will be representing New Jersey in the International World Freedom Games. Presently, EVERLAST the company is sponsoring Sensei Shannon Friend. Shannon Friend recently won the State, Regional’s and Nationals in 2009.
For information or to help sponsor a child for the holidays, contact Mrs. Kim Stazak Chairwomen at (201)-437-1820 or email us at


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