Jersey City-Area Savvy Women Take Control of Their Car Repairs

With the recession, local car owners are being more prudent about regularly scheduled car maintenance, and following through on important repairs. One demographic particular is aggressively improving their “car smarts” – women. Gail Dunn, Atlanta auto expert and founder of the Women’s Automotive Connection, offers seminars that teach women how to take control of their auto service. She notes that in today’s recession, the average person cannot afford to pay more than what their auto service should cost. Being uninformed could be financially devastating if you put off a needed repair, or pay more than needed. In the past, women without “car smarts” were sometimes taken advantage of when it came time for repairs or maintenance. Today, that is changing, with women nationwide, and in the Jersey City area, signing up for everything from online car advice to hands-on classes such as those offered by Dunn and others, including dealerships. For more information about Meineke Car Care Centers, please contact Hassan Abubakr at Meineke Car Care Center in Jersey City, located at 700 Tonnelle Ave (1 & 9 North), at 201-659-3551.


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