Mr. Cammarano should do the right thing

Dear Editor:
I have never written a “letter to the editor” before but I feel I must speak out now. Peter Cammarano must resign. Hoboken has been through enough this year with the tax increase/budget fiasco, a heated mayoral race and now this?! We need a leader who can concentrate all their efforts on Hoboken and not on preparing a defense for a lengthy and very serious trial. I know that in this country you are presumed innocent but per Cammarano’s own words, he insists upon a “clear-cut zero tolerance policy against any violation of the public trust” from his appointed/elected officials and so do the people of Hoboken. Therefore the right thing for Mr. Cammarano to do for the city is to resign now. The community of Hoboken is strong and we will get through this but with new leadership. We demand that and we certainly deserve it.

Lisa Levy