New swimming pool! Paved roads!

Summer projects in UC, WNY

Both Union City and West New York are abuzz with construction this summer, bringing improvements to parks and streets. Most notably, Union City will get an Olympic-sized pool later this summer, conveniently located in a park with a magnificent Manhattan view.

UC: Pool, park, and pavement

Mayor Brian Stack has assessed Union City’s needs and made a priority list of major projects, according to Mark Albiez, a spokesman. The major item on Stack’s list this summer is the reconstruction of Firefighters Memorial Park on Palisade Avenue and Ninth Street, including a huge new pool.
When the park reopens in late July or August, it will be more than twice its present size. The improvements will include a platform from which residents will be able to enjoy the view of the Palisades, an Olympic-sized swimming pool with handicapped access, and a children’s water play area.
The approximate budget allocated for the reconstruction effort of the park is $6.5 million, according to Albiez.
“We’re hoping that it’s going to be ready by the end of July,” said an official at the mayor’s office. “We’re doing everything possible so that more people can take advantage of it in the summer months while the weather is still warm.”
Residents will be invited to opening day.
Albiez said 9th, 10th, 11th, and 14th Streets in Union City were also recently repaved after a weeklong effort, with a full crew working on the roads. The approximate budget allocated for the aforementioned streets was $600,000, according to Albiez.

WNY: $2M for projects

Just over $2 million from the New Jersey Department of Transportation will be spent improving 11 streets in West New York, according to Commissioner of Public Works Alberto Rodriguez.
“It’s a compilation of three years worth of road programs,” said Rodriguez. “It’s a pretty vast project which got underway in the middle of June.” The work is expected to continue through the middle of August.
Work is being performed on 58th Street between Park and Hudson; 53rd Street between Hudson and Broadway; Madison Street between 55th and 56th; Tyler Place between 60th and 62nd; McKinley Place between 66th and 67th Streets; Van Buren place between 60th and 62nd; 54th Street between Palisade and Bergenline; Schley Place between Madison and Bergenline, 62nd Street between Boulevard East and Park; 59th Street between Park and Hudson, and 64th Street between Bergenline and Polk.
“While there will be some minor inconveniences, we will work to keep them as minimal as possible,” said Rodriguez. “The most amount of time that someone will be inconvenienced would not be more than a 24-hour period.”
According to Rodriguez, engineers have emphasized efficiency. They have devised a schedule that works in cycles, and move from street to street after each step in improving a public area has been completed.
For any questions regarding recent construction on roads in West New York, the office of Public Works can be reached at (201) 295-5225.
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