Mason’s baseball plan is silly

Dear Editor:
Beth Mason’s plan for minor league baseball in the northwest is an exercise in silliness…more like a kindergarten Lego project than a serious redevelopment proposal…or perhaps the misguided musings of a mayoral loser desperate for the spotlight once again. For starters, Mason has no clue about real estate finance. Clearly she has boundless confidence in her own intelligence and considers herself an expert on everything. Her arrogance knows no bounds….she can fix the budget, run the city, mastermind Hoboken’s redevelopment, perform brain surgery and probably coach the Mets to a World Series Victory. Is she serious? This thing doesn’t have a shot of being economically viable…with or without a recession.
Putting aside Mason’s complete lack of expertise in the realm of real estate finance….her dream is our nightmare. The City needs more active recreation areas for its residents, not mountains of bleachers and acres of private turf that is off limits to residents. Who wants 6,500 people driving in and out of Hoboken every time there is a game… think St. Patrick’s Day parade twice a week! There are plenty of opportunities to see professional sporting events in the New York/New Jersey area….Hoboken needs more programmed and unprogrammed recreation spaces for our children and residents. If we are going to spend $40 million….let’s make it count for our residents!
And is Mason kidding, trying to justify her analysis on the basis of jobs? Rockefeller Group is proposing 1.8 million square feet of office space…that would create thousands of well paying jobs and meaningful tax ratables. Mason’s plan would create a few dozen minimum wage peanut sellers.
Mason’s plan is ridiculous in every respect. Clearly Beth Mason is out of her league…is it any surprise that she struck out in her quest to be mayor!



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