Cap and Trade

Dear Editor:
This might not be an interesting bit of pertinent information, especially to a County that embraces almost all of the Democratic Party’s policies, even while they take their wallets from their back pockets. The politicians on all government levels offers absolutely no respect towards the public, why should they? Their constituents will automatically cast a vote devotedly towards re-electing them, even if they diminish their quality of life. They anoint them as royalty, with lifetime positions and lucrative perks that are definitely legally questionable.
The United States House of Representatives approved the controversial climate Bill, also known as Cap and Trade. This in itself wasn’t a unique situation, because the House of Representatives is controlled by the Democratic Party. The disturbing circumstances’ surrounding this fiasco was (8) eight Republican Congressman defected from their ranks and crossed over to the Democratic side. If they didn’t the bill would have been defeated. Three of them were naturally from New Jersey. Their names from New Jersey are Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo, Christopher Smith, and without these eight Republicans the bill would have not passed, because forty four Democrats voted against the bill. The final vote was 219-212.
It’s considered, by some, as a national energy tax bill, costing the average American household a substantial increase in energy costs, according to the Congressional Budget Office, which would also eliminate precious jobs.
If forty four Democratic Members of Congress felt the bill was too contentious, with a huge amount of unanswered questions and uncertainty, voting against Party lines, then why would these Republicans yield, unless offered some shady deals, initiated behind the scenes, enticing them to revise their principles? Some of them in question were from New Jersey, so this, basically, answers the moral and ethical questions.
This bill has the unfortunate reputation of stymieing the flow of relevant information to the American people, while being railroaded through the legislative process. We are in for an unmerciful rude awakening, of the highest magnitude, if we refuse to question these potential laws in progress. This bill now goes to the Senate, for debate and discussion
The United States is experiencing and living in a sad confusing time. The American people are looking for intelligent honest answers and leaders, who are dedicated to the will of the people, so far we have none. We saw our money given, without our permission, in stimulus packages, to high paid executives and banks. They increase their revenue by sitting on our generous bailout money, greedily refusing to lend and motivate our dying economy, with rising unemployment. Only a despicable government will allow this to happen.
Regrettably, our government is controlled by the self serving and the dishonest. What percentage of Representatives, who voted for this bill, are looking into their crystal balls and seeing the magnificent color of green and profit, by knowing where to invest in these potentially new energy procedures? Are we that foolish and naive, to believe that they have our best interests at heart?

William P. Frasca
Jersey City, N.J.

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