‘Boot every one of them out’

To the Editor:
I see Congressman Albio Sires is supporting Pres. Obama’s health care plan. Whatever Obama wants, these Democrats are sure in agreement. No questions asked.
I remember when Rep. Sires first came into office. One of his first votes was giving Congress a salary increase. He has supported funding for the war in Afghanistan. He has supported the quick hurry-up stimulus package, which so far is not working.
He voted for the energy cap and trade bill, which will be a disaster if it ever passes. This energy bill includes mandatory house audits by government inspectors. Government wants to make sure our appliances are not wasting energy, our ductwork is in order, our windows aren’t too old and the furnace is in good working order. And don’t forget about those light bulbs. And guess what? We will be charged for this inspection.
Also, there is an appropriation bill that Rep. Sires voted for that in the year 2010 will give Congress and their assistants a salary increase. They can always count on us Americans to be generous.
Now we have this health care package. “The Washington Post” reported that private insurance and drug companies have spent more than $126 million lobbying in Congress in the first quarter of this year. That’s about $1 million a day.
Congress people are getting mucho bucks from these special interest groups. I think we should be very wary of all these smoke and mirror plans coming out of Washington. Our representatives love them because they love the money they get from lobbyists.
Congress has excellent health care, great pension, and wonderful travel perks. Why do we pay their salaries? It’s the special interests that make the rules. Aren’t you just sick of it? I wish we could all pull ourselves out of our stupor, grow a spine, and boot every one of them out of office.


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