A Hollywood Hogan return?

Before you can utter out the words, “NWO 4-life,” do not get too excited. We have been down this road before with Hulk Hogan. Hulk is down on his luck (a bitter divorce battle), he is on the outs with Vince McMahon (fight over money to work “Wrestlemania”), and now he is flirting with joining TNA Wrestling.
Back in 2003, the reports are that Hogan had verbally agreed to go to TNA. He shot footage of Jeff Jarrett hitting him with a guitar in Japan. TNA loves to show you this footage as much as they can. He backed out at the last minute, supposedly because of a knee injury. The word backstage is he got scared away from TNA because he would be blackballed by the WWE if he made such a move.
Now a WWE hall of famer, Hogan has no such worries. If he chooses to sign with TNA, he can cash in on a payday without worrying if he’ll ever make it to the hall. The question is, does TNA need him and do they even want him? The Sixshooter sees a real nice way to use Hogan in TNA. The Main Event Mafia is pretty much the NWO already, so adding the leader of that group just writes itself.
Nobody wants to see Hogan in the wrestling ring on a regular basis any longer, and in joining the Main Event Mafia, he would not have to. Mick Foley is in the same type of role currently with TNA – limited wrestling, but a lot of face time on television. Hogan would be great for this. Spike TV could slap his face on everything. Let’s even throw him on “Jesse James is a Dead Man” for an episode.
So as you can tell, the Sixshooter would like to have Hogan in TNA. There would have to be some reshuffling of the Main Event Mafia so there would not be too many members, but it is definitely doable. You make stars out of wrestling stars in this business. Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles are great wrestlers. Their star level is not that high though. Being on the same stage as a Hogan could change that, or you could see what it did for Billy Kidman back in WCW. Only time will tell.
The Sixshooter loves this guest host idea for “Raw.” Seeing the Million Dollar Man on television again was an absolute treat. The word is we’ll keep seeing old stars come back to this role. There is even a possibility that the before mentioned Hogan could pop up for a week. I wonder if Ted DiBiase Jr. has it in him to become a star in the WWE. His father has such a charisma on camera, but sometimes that is lacking from Jr.
One face you will not see as a guest host of “Raw” is Tazz. The human suplex machine is about to debut this weekend at TNA’s “Victory Road” PPV. Originally, it was reported that Tazz would not be a wrestler in TNA. But from recent reports, it seems Tazz will in fact be wrestling for the company. If he is in shape, he could be a huge deal in TNA.
Injuries have hit the WWE hard recently. With Batista already sidelined for three to four months, they could ill afford another injury to a top star. Regretfully, they were hit with a blow last week when Edge went down with an apparent Achilles injury. The word backstage has him being out at least five to six months if not longer. The WWE is now in some trouble because their mid-card is lacking star power.
Where have you gone Shawn Michaels? There is still now definitive word on the showstopper’s return to the WWE, but it is probably coming soon. The WWE likes to keep these returns under wraps, but something tells me this guest host scenario is going to come into play very, very soon. As for his buddy HHH, is there anybody more stagnant than this guy? His character is so stale. HHH really needs an overhaul. Cut the hair and get back to a wisecracking attitude. Times have changed HHH. This tough-good-guy attitude just does not work any longer. And by all means, it is time to ditch the sledgehammer.
Well that is all for this month Sixshooter-a-holics. Remember, you can catch me over at http://garden-state-of-mind.blogspot.com for regular updates. As the former great HHH says, “Jericho…Liberace called and said he wants his pajamas back!”


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