July 1 council meeting

Dear Editor:
We live in an age of terror and there is a decided war on our freedoms as citizens of this great country. A recession looms over us and each city in our country is experiencing its own connected tragedies. Our Hope in Hoboken, mixed with the prayers of our citizens and our best Priests and Pastors, Sikhs and Rabbi’s, was that our new council would cooperate and work together with our new Mayor for the benefit of our Hoboken, and eventually, as time passed, would politically filter down to each citizen in a positive way, via decisions from those we elected.
The opposite has occurred with the exception of stalwart valor of Giacci and Russo and Mason who should be honored for their Blessed truthfulness and peacemaking Gifts! An interfaith service manned by the most honored of our best representatives asked for the hand of God to touch our newly elected leaders. Among the many prayers was a Judaic story with a moral that translated to not set oneself higher on a political dais and to cooperate with both the public and the Mayor in charge.
The moral and the prayers obviously touched Russo, Giacci and Mason, and the rest refused to see the handwriting on the wall!
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uph’arsin! (Daniel 5:25)

Margaret O’Brien
Citizen of Hoboken

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