Mason’s Church Towers actions, and Cammarano’s mailers, make me a Zimmer fan

Dear Editor:
When the three major mayor candidates announced their tickets some weeks ago, I felt pretty good. All three were literate without being verbose, and each spent much more time than was necessary, or ultimately productive, criticizing Mayor Roberts. I figured that after the dust settled we might end up with a mayor who was okay. I know, but after some of the mayors we’ve had, (the good, the bad, and the incarcerated), okay is okay.
Was I wrong!
I read a length about the Church Towers fiasco and how putative “tough-guy” Mason wimped out when she should have stood strong. What a disappointment she turned out to be. I can’t help but wonder how many votes she figures on gaining by catering to Councilman Russo and his Church Tower friends?
Just as my disillusionment over candidate Mason’s Church Towers vote was sinking in, I received a large flyer from the Cammarano for Mayor Campaign. In some respects Peter’s flyer is fairly tasteful – lots of slick print and bright colors of course – but in other respects, specifically by using scary pictures of his major adversaries, Candidate Cammarano fights dirty. How scary are the pictures you ask? Well, for Candidate Mason, picture a large striper that has just slipped its hook somewhere off Manasquan Inlet: and, as for Candidate Zimmer, think of a cinematic sorority girl opening a door which the audience has warned against…” Don’t open the door! The guy with the big Knife is there!” Look for yourselves, voters. See how Candidate Cammarano has chosen frightening and unfair photos for his opponents?
Well, it looks like it will be you, Candidate Zimmer. Please continue the good work you have started. People of Hoboken, please join me in supporting Dawn Zimmer and her running mates on Election Day, May 12.

A. Siss

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