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New Jersey City University held a “Great Debate” that featured University students as the 2008 United States presidential candidates of the Democratic, Green, Libertarian and Republican Parties. Gathered with Mariano Vega, Jr., center, president of the JC City Council who served as moderator of NJCU’s “Great Debate”, were “candidates”, from the left; sophomore Patrick Jarkowsky of Belleville as Republican party candidate John McCain; sophomore Ernst Grand-Pierre of Jersey City as Libertarian candidate Robert L. Barr; senior Alexander Neilson of Jersey City as Green Party candidate Cynthia Ann McKinney and senior Joanna Antoine of Asbury Park as Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama. Each “candidate” presented opening and closing remarks as well as a platform that covered homeland security, education, health care and the environment. Each “candidate” also offered rebuttals and responded to questions from the moderator, audience members, NJCU journalism students and staff members of the Gothic Times, the University’s student newspaper.

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