On UC historical museum

Dear Editor:

I greeted “Union City will get historical museum” (Feb. 8) with great enthusiasm as I read
about the work of Mayor Stack and the Board of Commissioners to preserve the former
West Hoboken Free Public Library and convert part of the renovated building into a
museum. I must thank Mayor Stack profusely for as the article points out, “The mayor
was interested in preserving the building because it is such an old building. It is a part of
our history.” The mayor and Board of Commissioners have shown that it’s possible to
have a balance between new construction development and preserving the past for future
generations. An old building can be readaptive for continued use rather than be torn
down. It can extend its life by fitting in with new community needs and redesign and
conform to the modern urban setting.

Although I appreciate the work of all the commissioners, I want to heap a bit more
praise on Commissioner Irizarry who has kept me and other interested residents informed
about the intentions, scope and plans for the former library building. I should add that
he was exceptional as was Mayor Stack in stressing how important preservation is for
the administration with respect to the ongoing Firemen’s Park on the site of the old
Masonic Lodge along Palisade Ave.

It is my great hope that Mayor Stack and the Board of Commissioners will continue
cordial, reasonable, respectful, consenus-based, conciliatory dialogue with that
segment of the city interested in preserving aspects of local history, which also includes
the Union City Historical Preservation Advisory Committee. I am encouraged to note that
progress is being made to that end. Of course, more needs to be done, but one step at a

But now, Mayor Stack and the Board of Commissioners deserve the highest praise.
Future generations and our seniors will continue to see the historic fabric of the oldest
library in Union City preserved in all its classical details.

Peace & goodwill,
Tony Squire

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