North Hudson County gets neglected by County Executive DeGise

Dear Editor:
Recently in this newspaper the Mayor of Union City Brian P. Stack wrote a letter with concern that the viaduct that takes you from Union City to Hoboken desperately needs to be reconstructed as soon as possible. In his letter Mayor Stack clearly indicated that Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise is not paying attention to this dangerous situation. As County Executive Tom DeGise is paid a lot of money to make responsible decisions that protect the residents of all Hudson County.
Once again, Mayor Brian P. Stack is on target protecting all residents of Hudson County. Unfortunately Mr. DeGise has a record of responding to the residents of South Hudson County. At times it is inevitable to see it clearly that Mr. DeGise is intimidated by Mayor of Jersey City Mr. Healy. and in most cases Mr. DeGise responds when Jersey City needs something to be resolved.
The public should be aware that Mr. DeGise likes to wear two hats. Two years ago Mr. DeGise came to a political meeting held in North Bergen, and at that meeting Mr. DeGise publicly endorsed Mayor Stack, who was seeking to become State Senator of the 33rd District. In a matter of less than a month., Mr. DeGise turned against his promise and went against Mayor Brian P. Stack. In the months ahead let’s pay attention as to how Tom DeGise handles different needs of all of Hudson County.
As a lifetime resident of Union City, I feel that if Mr. DeGise ignores the needs of North Hudson County I can easily predict that Mr. DeGise will not get re-elected as Hudson County Executive for a second term.

With respect,
Raul “Pico” Marquez

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